Samsung Galaxy SIII Already Has Hit 9 Million Pre-orders

It does seem like Samsung’s popularity is here to stay. The leading smart phone brand has a lot to smile about as recently one of their executives let slip that the Korean giants have already racked up about 9 Million pre orders. The company has only just started taking pre orders in the European market for the past one week across 100 different carriers.

What makes these number even more staggering is the fact that device has not yet launched at all and none of these 9 million pre ordered customers have even touched the device. Such is the enthusiasm and trust of the customers on Samsung. To put it into perspective, Samsung recently announced that their previous flagship device the SII had just copleted selling off 20 million handsets, and its successor has already almost reached its half way stage without even being officially available. The other Samsung high end smartphone Galaxy note has finished selling about 5-6 Million handsets and seems like the SIII is already way ahead.

It is extremely interesting to see that so far the device has not even begun pre orders in the United States and Asia, two of the largest markets for Samsung Mobile. It definitely is fearsome what numbers we could finally land up on after the device is officially launched. But it does confirm that from the presentation of the device that people really liked the SIII and even though we were a little apprehensive about the plastic build, it does seem like we are in the minority.

Are you already considering buying the SIII or have already pre ordered one? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Via: Technobuffalo

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