Samsung Galaxy Tab 730: Yet Another Awesome Tab By Samsung

Tablets, a new breed of devices, a trend started by the great Steve jobs when apple launched iPad in January 2010. Ever since, tablets have become so popular that some time back, I read an article which said computer giant HP may shut down its Netbook production!, such popular are these tablets.

Due to the recent jump in the sales figures of the tablets, many companies, big and small both have entered the tablet market. But in my opinion there is no better tablet than ipad at the moment, but then again , EACH TO HIS OWN. Being an avid apple fan, I hate to say this, but galaxy tab is not far behind the apples ipad.Is it just because of the mighty operating system android? Lets find out.


The tablet comes with android 3.1, also known as Honeycomb OS, Although google has released its new operating system, namely Ice Cream Sandwich ,but it hasn’t released the source code for tables, i.e, ICS is just available for smartphones as of now. Tab 730 boasts of an 8.9 inch screen with a resolution of 1200×800. A good thing is, its sleek, and powerful too. With a chassis which is as slim as 8.6 mm, it houses a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 mobile processor.
Memory provided is 1gb, which smoothly powers android 3.1.
As far as the cameras are concerned , a 3mp rear camera, mediocre by the sounds of it,has auto focus and records 720p HD video.Also has a 2mp front camera which can be used for video calling!

The battery is pretty good too, lasts easily for 10 hours given you use it moderately.

Now, The price , it will cost you about 31,000 to own this tablet, but then again, what would you do? Would you buy and try the new Samsung tab? Or will you just stick to the kings crown, The ipad?

The choice is yours .

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