Samsung Hints at Freeing up Space on Galaxy S IV

In a news that would be music to the ears of those who own or want to own a Samsung Galaxy S IV, CNET has reported that Samsung is looking to free up some more internal memory on the device by reducing some of the bloatware to address the long standing complaint of lack of space. The report comes just after Google announced a Google version of Samsung Galaxy S IV running vanilla Android version 4.2.2. You can check out other important announcements made at Google I/O here.

Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung had previously indicated that the presence of micro SD card on board would be sufficient to take care of all the media contents and extra contents that users might want to add to the device. But slower reading speeds from Micro SD as compared to the internal memory is what irked the users. But seems like we may finally see some sort of a change here. Having only 9-10 GB usable on a 16 GB unit is indeed a cause of concern.

However, we do believe that those who want a true Google experience and more space on board than the bloatware that Touchwiz coupes on with S IV, the Google version of the device for $649 is indeed a great pick up and a device we believe will do great in the market.

Via: The Verge

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