Samsung is No.1 Smartphone Vendor

After surpassing Nokia in sales earlier this year Samsung has managed to overtake its biggest rival Apple to become the leading smartphone vendor in the world. It looks like a lot of consumers have now shifted to Samsung and Apple’s 16 month time to launch their next iPhone pushed them to the 2nd spot.

Reports say that Apple manage to sold 17.1 million devices in the quarter which ended on September 30th while Samsung did surprisingly well to ship more than 20 million devices and take the number 1 spot. Samsung unlike Apple offers a variety of phones running on Google’s Android and is thus able to reach out to a wider audience.


Some other reasons for Samsung’s success are attractive hardware designs, advanced features and fantastic support system. Their overwhelming popularity in Asian markets also helps their cause.

With the launch of the new iPhone, this quarter could well be the deciding one. Apple has already sold out a whopping 4 Million iPhone 4S in just a week and the device is breaking all records. People are showing a lot of interest in Siri and the device is available on all 3 major carriers in the US, however Samsung has also come up with Galaxy Nexus and the launch of Ice-cream sandwich will definitely bump up their sales in the holiday season.

Both these companies have also tried to block each other sales in various countries; their rivalry is intense and is well known in the market. Samsung on one hand will try to maintain their continuous growth while Apple will hope that its latest flagship will help them regain the lost spot.

What will you choose? iPhone 4S or Galaxy Nexus?

[via Technobuffalo].

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