SAMSUNG OMNIA W, The Windows 7.5 Phone

Some time ago, it was all about ios vs android vs blackberry os. But thanks to Microsoft ,we have one more contender , windows 7.5, Windows is back and how 😉

The new omnia is a compact phone which is sleek and light. Supporting just one hardware button in front and two touch sensitive keys, one for return and the other for microsofts very own search engine bing, it’s a good looking phone.


Some technical specs.

1.4 Ghz dual core processor
512 Mb Ram
8 gb internal storage(No external memory card)
5 MP camera
3.7 inch display, 480×800 resolution
1500 mAh battery

Done with specs, let me give you some details on this brilliant smartphone.
The super AMOLED is beautiful and fun to use, Text is crisp and the brightness of the screen is mind blowing, in a nutshell, A WONDERFUL DISPLAY.

A phone’s primary purpose is calling, and trust me, when it comes to call quality, this piece is one of the best I have ever laid my hands on. In places like subways where signal quality is poor,the call doesn’t drop.
Another feature which blows my mind is the amazing battery life, A phone with such a bright display and yet having a good battery life is rare.

The best part, about this phone is, its price tag, This can be yours in just about Rs 20,000.

If you go by my word, it’s a must buy.

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