Samsung Profits Jump 25 Percent in Q3 of 2013

Samsung may have been heavily criticized for lower quality of the build material they have used on their devices are received a lot of flack from the industry experts, however, that has never been reflected when it has come down to sales figures. Thanks to a large combination of good after sales service, good pricing and aggressive marketing, Samsung remains one of the only few names apart from Apple who are doing really well in the smartphone market.


Recently, Samsung has published it’s Q3 results for 2013 and no surprises and prizes for guessing that they have announced a massive 25% jump in the profits. The high volume is down to fantastic progress and sales in China where Samsung has hands down beaten the rivals which are local in China. Apart from that, introduction of new products such as the hit Note III and Galaxy Gear alongside several budget devices, has seen the demand of it’s smartphones rise up by a single digit margin. Samsung had announced profits of 6.7 trillion won, a bump up from 5.63 trillion won for it’s mobile division from 2012 alone.

With holiday season just around the corner, expect Samsung to do even better in the TV industry at least esp in the 4K category as people rush to buy consumer electronics for their homes and loved ones. However, it is expected this year that the number for LED TVs may go down especially with 4K becoming the new talking point.

Via: Bloomberg

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