Samsung Promises to Showcase more Tizen Devices at MWC 2014

While the Jolla phone is already out, looks like Tizen might soon be competing against it as the newest member of the mobile OS ecosystem fight. Tizen, which many industry experts believe would be the OS that Samsung would adapt full time, and perhaps even ditch Android for, may well be ready for a taste of the consumer markets by February 2014.


Tizen has been delayed already, but apparently, invites for an event that is set to take place in Barcelona, Spain, exactly a day before the MWC or the Mobile World Congress kicks off have been handed out today. The invitation specifically promises to give the attendees a sneak peak into the new Tizen devices.

The Tizen device was supposed to be releasing in 2013, but the delays pushed the device back to CES in 2014. However, looks like that deadline has also not been met and it would be only in Feb when we would be able to see the device. With Android and iOS going strong and BB 10 and Windows Phone 8 battling for the third spot, you have to feel it might be too late for Tizen, especially with Jolla jumping in too. However, as consumers, more is always better and we hope, that Tizen jumps to the market sooner and actually plays a significant role in providing another alternative to us.

Via: Technobuffalo

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