Samsung Releases Second Teaser of the Galaxy S6

Samsung has released the second teaser of their upcoming flagship device that the Galaxy S6 will be. The phone is expected to be announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona among several other phones. With HTC also set to announce their next flagship in the form of HTC One M9, the prize for the most buzz will be tightly tussled between both Samsung and HTC. Both the companies have started the pre-buzz about the device though Samsung has given more visual hints about the device. After a relative failure of the S5, the S6 will need to deliver for Samsung to retain its position among the top players in Mobile.

While the new teaser doesn’t give away the physical dimensions of the device it does point towards the fact that the new device will be all around speed, which leads us to believe that the new Exynos chip which is expected to be in the Galaxy S6 will be a game changer. The teaser also has an electric symbol at the end giving hint to power packed performance, as well as LTE support. The teaser also talks about getting more done in less time so you can give time to others which hints perhaps towards a lesser crowded interface and a more simplistic approach.

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