Samsung Reportedly Testing 5G Mobile Network Technology

We have barely got our hands on 4G in India, and seems like we are already long behind the curve. In developing country like India, where 3G itself is a pretty big deal, and people barely know 4G exists, the news that certain carriers and smart phone manufacturers are already working on testing 5G is definitely worthy of being a Breaking.


However, that is exactly what is happening as Samsung has reported that it is already looking ahead to the future and successfully tested 5G which is capable of achieving downloads at a whopping 1 Gbps. In an era where mobile data is perhaps even more important than the ability of the device to make a phone call, 5G would be a cracker jacker of an addition. Although given how expensive unlimited 3G plans are in some of these developing countries, we do believe that the likes of 5G are more focussed towards the developed markets, the likes of United States and United United Kingdom where 4G is already a norm.

The test was carried out using 28 GHz waveband and 64 different antenna elements promised speeds as high as tens of Gbps but to the disappointment of everyone, they had to settle on just 1 Gbps. Those are mouth gaping figures and speeds. The 5G technology may still be far away from being released to the customers, but just the fact it is a work already in progress is a good news. To put things in perspective, on a good day we get about 10 Mbps down on 3G and about 75 Mbps on 4G, 1 Gbps is simply put, awesome.

Not just Samsung, other big players such as DoCoMo are also in the process of testing 5G and reportedly achieved a speed of about 10 Gbps using a car full of antenna using 400 Mhz spectrum.

We do not expect any device in near future to be branded a 5G phone but do not be surprised that Samsung leads the charge when the technology does become fully prevalent. Do let us know your views about this crazy news and if you would like your phone to run 5G.

Via: Redmondpie

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