Cheapest Samsung SmartPhones Available in India

Everybody, I mean everybody, whether they were mobile crazy or no, but today, every one wants a smartphone, someone spends more than 30,000 and some just don’t want to spend that much.

Samsung got this concept, and they have been thorough enough to study the Indian markets. What they have done is, they launched amazing smart phones for every price range. They have recently launched Galaxy Note which costs around 34,000 and at the same time they have Galaxy Pop S 5570 which is just bordering the INR 8,000 mark. Here are few smartphones for users who don’t want to spend more than 12,000 on a mobile phone.

1) Galaxy pro 7510 : Samsung describes this phone as ‘Business with a dash of fun’. SO basically it’s a business phone, running android 2.2, with a touchscreen as well as a physical qwerty keypad.
With 800 Mhz of processor , this is a good phone, considering you have the android market for all the applications and its just for Rs 10,190

2) Galaxy Y : Samsung recently launched this phone , a powerful performer and a compact one too. Supports 3G, all the bells and whistles of android ,available in various colours and all the other regular features which the ‘smartphones’ have, the best part is, this will only cost you about Rs 7450, how amazing is that?

3) Galaxy fit S5670: Get what it takes to live smart, limitless fun on the android market, a wonderful hardware for a powerful performance , sophisticated looks , compact with a large screen. Another amazing galaxy just for Rs 9435.

4) Galaxy pop S5570: Just another galaxy smartphone, again running on android which wins half the battle for it, compact in size and a good performer, comes for Rs 8150.

You must be wondering, there are so many models and they hardly differ when it comes to price tag, so what basically is the difference between them? Basically, not much difference, different looks, minor hardware changes, rest all is same, as all are running android , the look wont be much different, so if you don’t want to empty your pockets on iphones and high end droids, then these are the phones for you, quench your thirst for smartphones.

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