Samsung Sold 300 Million Units of Mobile Phones in 2011

How would you feel if you could better your own record? Well, that’s what Samsung has done. Samsung has sold 300 million units of mobile phones in the year 2011 which is 20 million more than what they could manage in the year 2010. The company managed to better its own record this year.

The South Korean giant is currently the second largest mobile manufacturer (by volume) which includes both smartphones and feature phones, but if we consider smartphones Samsung is already on top of that table. Samsung managed to dethrone Nokia earlier this year to take the no. 2 spot in the Smartphone market while in the third quarter it sold 3 million more units than its arch rival Apple which managed to sell 17 million units of smartphones.


The biggest contributor in Samsung’s success is what many call the best Smartphone in the world ‘Galaxy S II’. Samsung has sold more than 10 million units of Galaxy S II since its launch which was earlier this year in April.

JK Shin, president and head of Samsung’s mobile communications business said, “We look forward to extending this success going into 2012”

Samsung’s rate of growth is fast and the way its improving it is now time for other companies to chase Samsung. The two companies who will be willing to test Samsung in the coming future are HTC and Apple and if Samsung manage to pull off handsets like Galaxy S II there’s no doubt it will be sitting on top of the market.

[via GSMArena].

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