Samsung Takes A Sly Dig At Apple’s Maps and Navigation App

Apple’s terrible attempt at coming up with the maps app are very well documented. Plenty of trolls have been well directed at Apple for the application that did more bad to the company than good. If the insiders are to be believed, it was the poor development of Maps application that lead to the sacking of Scott Forstall from Apple. Even though Google maps are now available back on the Apple App Store, there have not been too many drastic improvement in the application since the launch, which really begs the question if Apple really is serious about the development of the application.

In fact there was even a report that the court in Australia had warned people not to use the application in order to avoid getting lost into places. Lot of high profile people have also mocked Apple for a rather failed attempt. Even though I personally feel that the issue has been blown out of proportion but when a company like Apple has been know for delivering a perfect product, then even a small mistake is usually magnified a million times. The rivals have definitely taken advantage of this, especially Google, Samsung and Nokia have used this as a chance to show off their mapping solutions offer much more and can compete with Apple.

Samsung in fact went one step ahead to take a sly dig at Apple with their latest advertisement where they have set up a massive 4×4 hoarding to advice the readers to buy their flagship product that is the Galaxy SIII and use Google maps which at least doe not mislead you. It talks about getting a mapping solution that you can trust instead of blindly picking an iPhone. Here is the image for you all:


So what do you think about this ad from Samsung? And about Apple maps in general? Do let us know in the section below.

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