Samsung to Reveal Windows 8 Tablet at BUILD Conference

Samsung has done amazing growth in the field of mobile phone. Even newly introduced Samsung Tab and Samsun Note is going to rock the tech world.Samsung did all this with the killer mobile OS platform Android. Now Samsung wants to do something more innovative and in this context it selected the newly introduced and yet to release Windows 8 operating system.

Rumors are that Samsung is going to be one the first companies to make Windows 8 powered tablets and the tablet itself could be unveiled at Microsoft’s BUILD conference which is starting from September 13.


Although Samsung has already collaborated with Google to develop hardware for Google’s Android Honeycomb, this is the first collaboration between Microsoft and Samsung. The Korea Economic Daily has reported that Windows 8 tablet will be introduced by Windows chief Steven Senofsky.

Attendants of the BUILD conference are also rumored to be lucky enough to get their hands on the windows 8 tablet. The tablets are powered by ARM processor unlike the Desktop version of Windows 8 which confirms the early launch of the tablets as ARM based tablets are already present in the market. Windows 8 tablets are supposed to run on a Quad –core processor as stated in the guidelines by Microsoft.

However, it is still not clear whether the device that Samsung is supposed to showcase will be just a prototype or a full scale product by Samsung. Samsung has already launched great Android tablets and its windows tablet could be the tablet to beat.

Microsoft might also provide a USB 3.0 port with its tablets which will make the life of all Android tablets and I-pad’s difficult. Also tablets are supposed to have a built in a pc mode with which you can easily shift to a known windows interface to manage your data via a simple touch. Windows 8 looks promising but is Microsoft too late in the tablet market? Or will it revolutionize the tablet market and regain supremacy?
We will find it out pretty soon.
Are you looking forward to buy Windows 8 Tablet? I think USB 3.0 port and a PC mode is all I was waiting for, this could be the right OS for me. Do share your views with us.

[via Yahoo News].

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