Samsung To Showcase new Android and Windows Phone Devices on June 20th

You may love them or loathe them, but what you cannot do is deny the fact that Samsung is now the leading player when it comes to mobile industry. The resounding success of the Galaxy S IV has confirmed yet again that Samsung are the standard setters when it comes to mobile market today and we will get a glimpse of what they have in store when a new range of Galaxy and Ativ devices will be shown off at the Samsung Premiere 2013 on June 20th at 2 PM EST. Ativ is the brand name of all the Windows 8 devices including laptop, hybrids, tablets and Windows Phone devices from Samsung.


As expected, the event will be streamed live on Youtube channel of Samsung and once again you can expect people in millions to turn up. This would mark a very busy month of tech events as Apple is set to roll out a new iOS at WWDC on June 10th and if the rumours are to be believed then a new Android version Jellybean 4.3 would be coming out in a similar time frame. We can expect a couple more Windows 8 devices especially hybrid tablets as well maybe a new flagship smart phone from Samsung as they look to establish themselves in the Windows Phone market.

Via: The Verge

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