Samsung Unveils the Next Gen ChatON 3.5 in India

New Delhi: In an event held in the Capital city of India, Samsung announced ChatON version 3.5 in India. The update to ChatON had been announced a while ago and the update had rolled out too. But Samsung definitely had some very interesting bits of news to share as it took to stage to formally introduce the update to the shores of India. Samsung announced the new features of ChatON 3.5 which includes things like ability to recall a message, add 1001 people to a group chat, message translation from Hindi to English and Vice Versa as well as the ability to send files of about 1 GB five times a day.

Samsung ChatOn-1

While all these are interesting add ons to ChatON, the best bit is that ChatON is partnering with several big players like Ebay India for exclusive content including exclusive discounts for those who are using the application. Samsung also announced that there are over 200 Million subscribers, so obviously collaborations such as these will only help the audience get attracted to ChatON especially if there are good substantial discounts.

Mr. Tarun Malik, Director of Media Solutions Center-South West Asia, Samsung Electronics said about the new version of ChatON, “With ChatON Version 3.5, we have simplified mobile instant messaging while adding innovative features. The app has been updated keeping in mind the needs of the young and socially connected users. One of the most exciting new features is message translation, which makes it possible for people speaking different languages to chat with ease. Also the ability to use this platform to consume content from various genres like news, entertainment, games, health and others through multiple devices and platforms allows greater flexibility to users.”

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