Samsung’s Flexible Displays Delayed Till Next Year

Samsung has been notoriously well known for making good displays. The AMOLED line of displays have certainly given the Retina display of the the iPhone a  good solid run for the money. In a lot of cases like the Galaxy SIII or the Galaxy Nexus, the display is said to be better than the highly praised display from Apple. the next step from Samsung seems to be going with displays that are fluid in the sense they can be folded. How that would compare to the present displays in terms of clarity is a mystery. But what it could ensure is thin-ness of the upcoming devices or even a brand new design from Samsung. Nokia is also apparently seriously looking at flexible displays.

However, according to the latest reports, these flexible displays which were expected to hit the market sometime later this year have been delayed upto the upcoming year. This delay is said to be due to yield problems. We are really excited about these displays primarily because we could have some really cool and fun looking smart phones thanks to the flexibility. These displays were first reported to be tested with the Note 2 but that report has remain largely unverified. Also, not just flexible, these displays are extremely good to wear and apparently are indestructible.

If everything does go according to the plan, these displays could well bee the reality in the upcoming year and probably bring in a new category like the Samsung Beam did with the whole projector thing. You can watch these displays in action here:

Via: Phandroid

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