Samsung’s Latest Wearable Devices Leaked Online on Their own Site

Samsung is set to bring a host of new wearable devices as it continues to focus on health tracking and fitness. The two devices that are pretty much confirmed to be on the out are Galaxy Gear Fit 2 and Gear IconX. The Gear Fit 2, as the name suggests is the successor to the original Gear Fit, a fitness tracker that does give you mobile notifications and an active display to glance at the time and few other tiny things. The IconX is an interesting device and looks to be a set of Bluetooth enabled earbuds, that double up as a standalone music player as well as a fitness tracker.


You would assume that something like an IconX would be fantastic for those who work out as you can simply sport them on as music players and also get important workout information including your step tracking out. The Gear Fit 2 on the other hand, looks very much like you would expect it to be. It has a curved display and most likely an IPX7 rating making it resistant to both water and dust.


Both these devices were caught in the wild on Samsung’s own S-Health website so you know that they are legit and coming soon. We would expect the devices to be launched in conjunction with the upcoming J series of smartphones or perhaps even be soft launched directly on the site this month.

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