Samsung’s New Advertisement Shows You A Day In The Life Of Galaxy SIII

Samsung Galaxy SIII is the hot talk of the town, at least that can be quite literally said of New Delhi where the phone was launched yesterday by the beautiful actress Nargis Fakri. The phone is as expected right in the top bracket where the prices are concerned, but if you have been wondering how would it be to be this mercurial device, then maybe Samsung have heard you. The new commercial of the phone shows us how the device has the ability to become a very important part of our lives. It gives you a little peep into the life of Samsung Galaxy SIII. Here is the commercial for you.

We must say, the device apart, we have been greatly surprised by how good Samsung have marketed the phone. Not just with dumb ads but commercials that really connect. Well done to them for this. For more Galaxy SIII coverage stay tuned cause seems like neither we nor you, can have enough of this device.

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