Sasmung Gear Manager Screenshots show up before the launch of smartwatch

We are very close to discovering yet another smart product, and on this occasion it is the smart watch. Most of the big players in the tech world are preparing the smart watch. The very first smart watch to hit the market could well be the Samsung Gear. Most believe that Samsung only started conceptualizing the smartwatch once the news became public that Apple’s engineering team was pursuing it actively. If that is the case, it is indeed remarkable, that we may even have the product with us around September 1st week.

Samsung Gear Manager_2

Although not too many details are known of the watch, there have been some screenshots that have been leaked of the watch manager which looks like are the screenshots of the app that would manage the watch. Although the interface looks familiar if you have been using a Sasmung Smartphone, there are some interesting details if you look deeply.

The watch paired with the app is the model no. SM-V700. This most likely would be the first gear watch that we are looking at. It is also clear that the watch does have Bluetooth as well as NFC to connect the watch to apps. It is logical to have Bluetooth as several phones, even today do not have NFC. There is also an app section which means you can easily sync apps which will be supported to the watch via the app. Find my watch perhaps will be some of a way to locate your watch such as Android Device Manager while settings would trigger a list of settings in the app.

It would indeed be interesting to find out what all does the Samsung Smartwatch pack, but the good thing is, we are not all that far off now.

Via: @Evleaks

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