Save Android Phone Battery With Juice Defender Ultimate

So often it happens that in our quest of beating levels on our favorite games we forget about the battery. Or in our continuous usage of social sites like Facebook, we forget that we are draining our battery. In fact I would say that the weakest area of development of the smart phone is the battery life. I would love to see a smartphone that could conjure up battery life for at least a couple of days.


So, in the absence of such a device, any genuine app that can help us save the battery power is a must have. Juice defender ultimate is my pick for such an app. There is a free version available in the market too, but I have selected the ultimate version because it is definitely worth the amount.


The paid version lets you to select advanced settings for your phone as to what it should do when battery falls below a certain levels. Also it gives you pre-defined settings, which you can choose and it would simply save your battery in case customizing everything is not your cup of tea. This also makes sure that this application is fairly easy to use for those who are new to Android, plus it also comes with a lot of advance options for seasoned Android pros.


Some of the features of Juice defender are:

  • Automated WiFi control, also Location-aware
  • All schedule intervals
  • Night, peak, weekend schedules
  • The Extreme profile
  • Configurable Apps with interactive mode
  • 2G/3G control*
  • CPU frequency scaling*
  • Smart Brightness control
  • Timeout control

The application is available in the market place for about 4.99 Euros, but it is definitely worth the money.

Check out the app in action:

Download JuiceDefender Ultimate.

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