Save and Backup SMS of Your Android Phone

Texting has gradually become the most popular way of communication; not only among youth but also adults who realize its convenience and importance. In fact i have my friend’s phones which have messages in a multiple of thousands in the inbox. We simply love all our texts way too much to delete them all off and the bad side of this is that is radically slows down the phone as internal memory is gradually filled.


A good solution to this problem at least for our Android user friends is SMS backup & Restore. This is a very handy application for those devices which have a rather low internal memory space. What this wonderful application does is that it backs up all your texts in a .xml format saves them on your micro SD card and then you have the option to delete the texts later on clearing your inbox memory. The back-up file created barely takes any space and in fact is in Kb’s.

You can create multiple backups so you do not lose any important texts. It is also possible to delete these back up files in case you feel it is not required. The application is extremely easy to use and for any first time user, it is really a peace of case. The UI is very very simple and all tabs and buttons are very easy to understand and their functions are as the name suggests.


The application is extremely handy in various situations like if you wish to switch your phone to another android one or need to clear or wipe your internal memory for flashing a new ROM.

The application works brilliantly and in all my uses, i didn’t experience even a single crash or hang. The best thing about this app apart from saving your texts? Well yes, it’s absolutely free for download from the market place.

Download SMS Backup & Restore.

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