Save Multiple Facebook Accounts and Login Automatically Using Facebook Quick Login

Facebook Quick Login is a Google Chrome extension that allows users to save multiple Facebook accounts in one place to allow them to login easily. It allows users to save up to five Facebook accounts and users can automatically access these accounts without having to enter the username and password again and again for these accounts.

fb quick login

Facebook Quick Login is a Google Chrome extension and can be installed onto the Chrome browser from the Chrome web apps store. Once installed, you can configure your accounts and save them to your browser. You can save up to 5 Facebook accounts on the extension. Once you are done saving your accounts, you can then login to Facebook easily with just a few clicks of the mouse.

fb login1

Open your browser, and click on the Fb icon that is present next to your address bar. If you have saved multiple accounts, when you click on the icon, you can view the accounts that you have saved. Click on the account with which you want to login. In a few seconds, you can view the wall page of your Facebook account.

This app is a must have if you are using multiple accounts for you as well as for your family.

Download Facebook Quick login.

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