Scan Your Computer for Viruses Online with F-Secure Online Scanner

If you’re sitting on your friends computer and don’t want to risk putting your USB drive in, then an online scan would be the safest option for you to ensure that the PC is clean. F-Secure Online Scanner is a tool that scans your computer for viruses online and notifies you of any threats to your computer.


For running F-Secure, your computer must have JavaScript enabled and also, the version 6 update 10 of the Java Runtime Environment must be installed. Once this is done, you can open the scanner. The main window of the scanner is simple and easy to navigate. There are 3 main options for scanning, the quick scan, full scan or the new “my” scan. The quick scan quickly scans through your files and does not take much time with the scanning process. The full scan is a detailed scan of your system and will go through each and every file on your computer thoroughly and takes quite a lot of time.

fsec myscan

The best option available on this tool is the “My Scan” option, where you can select the folders and files that you want the app to scan and then the app will scan only those files and notify you of any threats within those folders. This will take the least amount of time as the scan only takes place in the folders that you have specified.

Visit the F-Secure online scanner.

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