Scentee is a Smart Accessory that lets you Smell Incoming Notifications

We have seen several solutions so far, on how we can interact with the notifications of our smartphones. We have seen LED lights on our mobiles, we have seen wearable technology like watches and eye wear which brings us notifications and few others too. However, one thing we have not seen or heard so far is that your sense of smell could be triggered too based on the notifications that your receive.


However, that is set to change as Scentee is a cool accessory for your smartphone either on iOS or Android that gives out a particular aroma when you receive notification from a contact. You can obviously set which smell would be eradicated on receiving notifications from which contact. For example, you can set some amazing coffee whiff for a message from somebody in the office. This way, you perhaps can even ignore these notifications if you do not like those in your office.

The accessory is a little chunky and basically has a sensor stuck inside somewhere whic activates based on ultrasonic waves emitted by the smartphone. Scentee is fixed into the 3.5 mm headset jack of your mobile device and can be a bit of an awkward add on if you like your device light and minimalistic. However, it is an interesting concept and you definitely should check out the video below to see how it works.

Via: Android Police and Engadget

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