Schedule Whatsapp Messages with Whatsapp Message Scheduler

Whatsapp has been one of the few apps that has constantly stayed on just about every list of must have apps. It is a fantastic cross platform messenger that just about every user with a smartphone uses. Thus connecting with people with whatsapp has become immensely easy. However, has it happened with you that you really wanted to send a Whatsapp message, maybe on a birthday or even anniversary at a set time and you ended up forgetting simply cause you could not schedule the message like a text scheduler?

Whatsapp Scheduler

If you have suffered from the issue, then your problems have been solved a great deal. Whatsapp Message Scheduler does exactly what any text scheduler would do, that is sends the message on whatsapp at the said time. The only catch with the application is the fact that you have to be on a rooted Android smartphone, so unless you have root access, the app is not for you.

Whatsapp Scheduler_1

Apart from that, the app is super easy to use and works really well. Some of the features of the application are as follows:

Main features:
– Auto Complete Whatsapp Contact(s)
– Send Whatsapp Message to multiple contacts.
– Date and time choosen to send.
– Alert on delivery.

With neat UI and hopefully plenty of updates in the future, we see this sort of an application becoming a real hit. So, stay ahead of the curve and go ahead and download it for free from XDA Forum here.

Via: XDA Forum

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