Screen2Avi Free Video Recording Software

Like the print screen button on your keyboard how many of you have wished for a button which can record avi videos just by the push of a button. Screen casting is a nice way to make video tutorials for novice users but Windows doesn’t provide any native video recording tool. Screen2Avi is a free software that enables users to record any video that is being played on the desktop.

There are not many software available for recording video that are free of cost. Camtasia is a nice software but it doesn’t come free of cost. Screen2Avi is a lightweight software having very simple user interface that lets you record screen without any hassle.


When you run the application, you will see many tabs on its interface. You can configure the recording sessions by using one of its tab. There are options available for selecting the resolution of the video, full screen, predefined or custom dimensions. You can even select the exact position of the recording frame like center-left, bottom-right or define a custom position on screen.

A wide range of video codecs are available in the application itself. Even the frame rates of the recording video can be defined.

Screen2Avi does not record audio directly from the system sound. It can be recorded through a microphone or you will need to enable the audio record function separately.

The interface is clean and easy to use. There are no problems regarding its compatibility with operating systems. The application works perfectly on any given OS. Windows users can download the software from the developer website.

Download Screen2Avi.

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