Search and Download Creative Commons Images With Image Collector

The Image Collector is a free web application that allows users to view their images and also download them to their computer from various websites like Deviant Art, Picasa, Photo bucket etc. straight from its interface. All of these websites can be accessed directly from the main window of Image Collector. Users can view their own images or view the latest images that have been posted on these sites and download the ones they want.

image collector

The application requires a simple installation. Once it is installed, run the application. On the main window, you will be able to view all the latest images that have been posted on various popular image sharing websites. Simply click on an image to view it in a larger window. Users can configure the app to automatically download the image when you click on it to view it in a larger window. Otherwise, you can simple left click on the image to view it and middle click on the larger window to download the image to the selected category.

Users can set categories to their images so that all the images that are downloaded are then arranged according to their categories which will be easy for users to identify them later on.

Download The Image Collector.

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