Search Files in Windows PC Easily and Quickly Using Everything Search Tool

In older version of Windows there is an inbuilt search tool which is quite slow and sluggish. It takes hell lot of time to search any files. Then came a nice Windows Vista that changed the definition of searching files on Windows. With Windows start menu search box you can search for any items you want very quickly. This technology works on indexing method. Windows indexes all your files at a place and if demanded it is presented to you quickly.

But start menu search box has its own shortcomings. It doesn’t look for everywhere on your computer therefore sometimes you couldn’t get the desired results. It is because there are some places on your PC which is not set to index by default (although you can customize it).

Now here comes Everything search application in action. It searches for all the files on your computer with a blazing fast speed. All you need to do is to download and install this application on your PC. You need to type a keyword and it will instantly throw results to you. It also searches for files according to file extension.


This tool also works on the principle of indexing. It indexes only the file names of the files on your computer. It doesn’t look inside the file. It indexes 20,000 files in 1 second. It uses very less system resource (when I checked into task manager I found that it takes only 8 MB of RAM).

It runs on Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista and Windows 7. It comes with one limitation that it can look into NTFS formatted drives only. It can ever search into removable drive too. This tool is free to download and it is also available in portable version. Because of its amazing search feature I will recommend it as one of the must use tool in Windows. You can also look at the best Windows 7 tools for power users.

Download Everything search tool for Windows.

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