How To Search For Flickr Images Quickly In Google Chrome

Flickr is an awesome website for image hosting. Yu can search images for your blogs, websites, design or any other purposes. But searching images in Flickr is time consuming process.

Flickr Image Search is an extension for Google Chrome which can help you to  easily search for Flickr images. After installing this extension, you’ll see a Flickr button appears on an extension bar.

flickr image search

Click on Flickr button. A search box will pop up. Type any keyword in the search box and it will give you the results immediately. For example in the screenshot given below I searched for “Tiger” and it gave me 20 images of tigers instantly.

Click on any thumbnail and you’ll be redirected to the Flickr page of that image.

flickr search

Although this is an awesome extension, but I’d love to see some features such as search for creative common images so that bloggers can use them on their blogs. Also there should be separate option to search for videos.

Download Flickr Image Search to search Flickr images quickly on Google Chrome

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