Search for shortcuts through the start menu with Pretty Run

Pretty Run is a tool that allows users to search for shortcuts to their files and other applications through the start menu. This app was introduced years ago when Windows didn’t really know much about searching through the start menu on the desktop. Now Windows has that. But there are still some minor issues with the Windows search that can annoy users. Some shortcuts will not be displayed by the Windows search as it may not be present in the start menu but it may be present in some folder. Pretty Run can help you there.

pretty run

Pretty Run will search through your Start menu, desktop and any other folder to locate shortcuts to files which you can run. Users can even search for files through the internet using Pretty Run.

To get started with Pretty Run, download the zip file from the link below. Then extract the files and run the setup. Start the Pretty Run tool. You will see a window like the snapshot above. Type in the name of the icon or file that you are searching for. The app will display all related links in front of you . You can even look for information from the internet about certain files through Pretty Run. You can search from websites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Imdb and YouTube for information or for files that you want.

Download Pretty Run

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