Search For Songs of Your Favorite Singer While Browsing Internet

It happens many times that while browsing internet, you see many celebrities’ names on websites. If you want to listen to song of that celebrity instantly there is a Chrome application available that does exactly the same. You can right click on celebrity name and search for songs by that celebrity. This extension gives you option to listen to songs on Grooveshark and YouTube instantly. This extension is known as Music Plow for Chrome.


To use this extension, go to Chrome extension page and install this extension on your browser. Now, while browsing any site, if you see the name of any celebrity, just select the celebrity name and right click on it. Now, you’ll see option, “Find music matching for celebrity”. Click on it. It will give you four icons. First icon is for Grooveshark. Click on this icon and you’ll be redirected to Grooveshark website. Second icon is for YouTube, you can watch video on YouTube just by clicking this icon. Third and fourth icon is for Amazon and iTunes stores, in case if you want to purchase the song.

Overall, it’s a nice application to listen to music and watching video of your favorite celebrity instantly. It is free to use and no sign up is required.

Check out Music Plow for Chrome.

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