Search For Your Favourite Google Doodles and Order Merchandise

We all love the Google Doodles that appear on the Google’s Homepage for every notable event. The Doodles last only for a day and then they are removed. You couldn’t check it back later even if you wanted to but now you can.


Google has revamped it Doodle website and now you can choose all those Doodles you loved and can view or play them a number of times. This site has close to a 1000 doodles to watch and play with. Also as a bonus, Google has come up with a Doodle Merchandise Store from where you can purchase items with you favourite Doodles on them.


You can search for your favourite Doodle by typing in the name or you can enter the year and location of the particular Doodle. So what are you waiting for. Check out the Google Doodle page here.

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