Search YouTube While Watching Videos using YT Background Search

Watching YouTube videos has definitely become a routine for most of us, some of us do it to learn new stuff, others do it hear songs and music and plenty do it purely out of boredom, when there is nothing to do. As a tech enthusiast, unboxing, reviews and rants are all I really look around on YouTube and there are times when I am hooked for what seems an age.

However, one thing that is just as common is the curiosity to watch another video while one is going on. Mentally we make a note that the next video we want to watch is this or that and often forget it. Hence searching for another video without missing the one playing is a big problem, how to get around this? Well, we have the perfect solution for our Google Chrome users.


The extension I am talking about is YT Background Search. It is actually a very unique extension. As mentioned, it lets you search YouTube videos while you are watching one, and saves you the hassles of opening a new tab and missing your favorite video. How it does is also pretty unique. It basically divides your screen into two halves. The lower half plays the video that you are watching while the upper half of the screen lets you to search the new video. You would get a bar type when you install this extension and all you have do is type the video name and click on ‘BG search’ and your screen would get divided


This is a really impressive extension, especially if you are a very heavy YouTube user which let’s face it, you most probably are if you happened to read this, so don’t wait, here is the link to get you started!

Check out YT Background Search Google Chrome Extension.

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