Secret Gets a Massive UI Overhaul and Adds Functionality of Chat

The Anonymous commenting application, Secret has received its first major UI overhaul both on Android as well as iOS. The secret-spilling app so far had a block like interface which allowed users to attach a background image to their post and simply write down a secret that was shared on the timelines of their friends. When this was liked by friends, it was shared with their friends and so forth. However, with this functionality and UI, Secret was becoming rather boring and limited in terms of what it could offer, resulting in sliding usage of the aplication.


Sensing this, the Secret team has added a more list like interface which reduces the area on the screen allowing for more interesting stories to appear on the timeline in a neat fashion as well as adding functionalities such as ability to chat with anonymous users in case you are into that sort of stuff. The application also has a new icon with a yellow color scheme. You can find the changelog of the update, as published by the application right here:

• An entirely new look for Secret.
• Discover new spaces and communities around you.
• Chat privately with your friends, coworkers and people around you. Meet new people.
• Add photos to posts (tap and hold to view)
The update will be available as an OTA for your application via Apple Store or Google Play depending upon the platform

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