See How Easy It Is To Bypass Lock Screen On Samsung Galaxy Devices

Bypassing lockscreens seems to be the order of the day when it comes to the Tech World today. Earlier this month we had hackers who could get through the lockscreen of an iPhone, however to their credit a couple of days ago, Apple did patch that flaw up with an OTA update, but in a funny twisted world, seems like Samsung want to copy Apple here too. Few Samsung galaxy devices have been tested and show how simple it is to bypass the lockscreen of the device and get in to the device. Do no believe us? Here is a tutorial where the hacker step by step tells you how you too can easily bypass Samsung galaxy device’s lockscreen.

So although the process maybe lengthy and require a few attempts to get through, but it definitely is doable. Now if somebody has either stolen a device or found it lost, then the least you can expect him to do is spend a few hours on it to unlock it away. Thus neither the personal information or the data on board is safe. Samsung have been notified of this flaw and they are said to be working on it. but till the patch fixes up the issue, you need to be a lot more careful with your Galaxy devices.

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