See How You Can Easily Bypass iPhone Lockscreen Despite Lock Code.

Smart Phones today are our house of loads of data that can be personal as well as financially sensitive. Apps such as Toshl save all our expenses made, and imagine those banking apps which you have set to remember your passwords. Also, since the cameras on iPhones are so terrific, there are chances that you have captured moments by the camera that you consider to be really private and personal and not to forget all those messages and E-Mails that you do not want anyone to read. And this is precisely the reason why you set a combination of four numbers as a lock to protect your phone from people who you do not want accessing your phone.


But since the upgrade to iOS 6.1 was released, there has been a major security glitch that has been discovered on phones that have upgraded to the latest OS. With some patience and couple of attempts you can bypass the lock code of the device and go into the call screen of the device meaning you can check out the contact details, or the recent call list and even make calls from the device. This security glitch can be potentially harmful as people can access your Address book. You can watch how to by pass the lock code in the video below:

We do hope Apple take notice of this glitch and massive security issue and fix it in their next impeding update. Till then, we do encourage all our readers to not try this on a phone that you do not own and respect their privacy.

Via: The Verge

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