See What went into Designing the HTC One (M8)

As well designed as the HTC One M8 is, it is a pity they could not agree on one final name for the device, well, yes, that is the joke some of the rivals of HTC are being forced to make, even them conceding that the device is one of the most beautifully designed smartphone out there. The HTC M8, thats what we will refer to it, for shorts, is an upgrade from the last year’s success that the HTC One or HTC M7 was. The device is more than an incremental update unlike Apple moving from say an iPone 4 to iPhone 4s. A lot more thought and subtle changes have gone in, including a completely redesigned chassis.

It is clear the main design challenge before HTC was to take something that was already good and make it even better. Yes, indeed, improving the design of the M7 is a real challenge and apart from making the internals more powerful, a lot more went into designing the M8. For example, the new depth measuring camera came into picture as well as a larger battery and a bigger and improved amp for the boomsound speakers. So how did HTC tackle the problem, what was the process of making the world’s most beautiful smartphone, here is a video HTC have released giving you a sneak peek into what they went through developing the device.

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