Send Automatic Birthday Wishes From Your Android Phone

Facebook has bought friends closer. In fact, so many friendships have developed over Facebook and gone on to bigger things. Loads of plans are made on Facebook and simultaneously people who long long connections are back in touch. However, one thing we love most about Facebook is its ability to keep us informed of birthdays of each and every friend of ours.


We all love to wish our friends on their special days and filling up their walls with the best wishes. But in today’s advance of technology, it is possible to automatically generate birthday greetings, just to make sure that you do not by mistake leave a friend out. So Birthday Scheduler for Facebook is an awesome software for your android smart phone to make sure that you do not even by mistake over look a friend’s birthday.


The app is simple and easy to use. It also has a dedicated widget and comes in two different versions of paid and lite. You can also customize your message well in advance that you wish should be automatically written on your friends wall, which is a useful way as all your messages won’t be monotonous then.


The application has a decent UI and even though it took a few failed connection error to set it up, but it worked really well for my Nexus S. The option to change the default message from the menu->preferences tab is a wonderful thing.

Download Birthday Scheduler For Facebook.

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