Set Individual Sound for Each Running Application in Windows 7

Windows 7 has a number of features that are quite useful but not everyone may know about it. On Windows 7, users can set individual volume presets for each of their applications when they are running so they don’t have to go on adjusting the volume each time they open a new application.

system sounds

On the bottom right corner of your desktop, you will find the volume icon on the taskbar. Click on it once to adjust the system volume. Click on the Mixer option and you will see all the applications that are currently running on your system that use sound.

You can adjust the volume of these applications individually by selecting the bar and moving it up or down to increase or decrease the volume respectively. The highest volume that is permitted for each application will be the volume at which you main speakers are set. You can reduce the volume for an application to whatever level you want. For example, you can set the volume for Skype to 100% and set the other sounds at anything lower, say 65% so you so that those sounds don’t interrupt you when you are using Skype.

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