How To Setup And Use Nircmd Command Line Tool

INircmd is probably the most powerful command line tool by which you can perform hundreds of tasks. All you need to do is download the Nircmd.exe file on your computer and place it in a proper directory. It will make your command prompt line very powerful and so that you can perform countless numbers of tasks by using command prompt.

You can open the door of DVD drive, make your computer speak the text currently in the clipboard, increase or decrease system volume, mute, unmute your computer, turn off monitor, log off the current user, turn off your computer, hide your internet explorer windows, hide the desktop window, hide/show clock on system tray, disable/enable your screensaver, and many other tasks. Here is the method to setup and use this tool.

First go to this link and download the file on your computer.

Extract all the three files given inside zip file using any file extractor tool.


After extracting the file to anywhere on your desktop, click on the 33 KB nircmd.exe. It will show you the dialog box as shown in the screenshot below. Click on the “Copy to Windows Directory” button.


In the next dialog box, click on the “Yes” button.


It will copy the nircmd.exe file inside the Windows folder of the C drive. Now you don’t need to mention the path of nircmd.exe while giving the command.


That’s how you can setup this powerful tool.

How to use Nircmd command line tool

Click on Start button and type cmd in the search box. Click on the result or press Enter.


Now enter the following command in the cmd command prompt

nircmd.exe cdrom open e

Note: In my computer letter E is assigned to DVD drive. If any other letter assigned to that drive in your computer then you have to type that letter in the command. For example, if letter assigned to your computer’s drive is J then enter this command

nircmd.exe cdrom open j


It will open the door of your DVD drive.

Similarly you can use the below given command to mute the system volume.

nircmd.exe mutesysvolume 1

There are hundreds of commands you can give using command prompt. The download page contains all the commands available in Nircmd.

That’s how you can setup and use this powerful command line tool. By using this technique you can complete your work more fast. Also you can show your command line skill to impress any of your school or college friends. In next article we’ll tell you how you can create shortcuts for each commands to perform your task without open the command prompt.

Download NirCmd.

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  1. thanks for this, but one question we have to learn certain commands for this and one more disadvantage of using this is that after closing the cmd windows all the typed commands will be deleted but when we work in terminal window on ubuntu all the commands will be saved in terminal window and u can recall them at any time. does it don’t make any productive??

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