SGS 3 S-Voice Leaked: Now Available For All Android ICS Devices

The Samsung Galaxy S3 just refuses to go out of news. One of the features we actually found pretty good on the Galaxy S3 was Samsung’s answer to Apple’s virtual assistant Siri in the form of S-Voice. However, it seemed for a while that just like Flipboard that it would be a GS3 exclusive but in the open sphere of Android, one thing we have learnt is that, nothing is exclusive.

Just like Flipboard, S voice has been ripped apart from the SGS 3 and is now available on Android smart phones which are running its latest offering in the form of Ice Cream Sandwich. The voice assistant can do basic things such as make calls, tell you the weather and set alarms and stuff. I personally am not a big fan of Voice assistants because it does look pretty odd to me, talking to my own phone especially in public. We could do all these things manually too. However, we were  all very excited about how this would work on the Android platform and it did not really disappoint. Apart from not picking up our Indian accents too well, the app seems fairly responsive and does work well.

There have been many Voice assistants available on Android and its fairly safe to say that S-Voice is pretty much an improvement to any of them found in the market. You too can try out this wonderful feature on your device by visiting the hub of Android development that is XDA forums.

Do let us know your experiences with S0 Voice in the comments section below.


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