Share your Posts from Google+ to other Social Networking Sites Using Extended Share

Google+ is gaining momentum by becoming more popular among social media buffs. Extended Share is a nifty extension for Google Chrome that allows users to share posts on Google+ to other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. This extension is available presently only for the Chrome browser.

share on

Once installed the extension can access your data from Google+ and also your browsing activity. The extension then opens a window where you can select the sites to which you would like the extension to place the link on the Google+ webpage.

share on2

All the extension does is add an option to the posts on your Google+ webpage called “share on” which when click opens up the various sites that you had selected when you installed the extension. When you click on the Share on button, you can select any of the social networking sites and the extension will share that particular post on that website. So you will never lose track of any of the sites that you have not logged on to.

You can just login to Google+ and whatever comments you post there, you can share that post to any of the other social networking sites. So in a way, you will never have to leave Google+ again!

Download Extended Share for Google+.

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