Shazam Recognizes the Song Playing Near You

The other day i was at Shoppers Stop and heard a song playing, it was really catchy and i asked my friend “hey, have you heard this song?” “Nah dude, but its really catchy”.

I quickly took out my phone and opened this legendary application named Shazam (red) and pressed the screen to start it. It instantly records a clip of the song playing and matches it with the database. The recognized song is then displayed on the screen.

If you’ve noticed i’ve been focusing on the word RED since the start of this post.

Shazam (Product) Red Special Edition Application helps fight AIDS in Africa. Here’s how it works. You buy the (Shazam) RED Application. You discover, buy and share great tracks. It’s that simple. And that powerful.


RED is a simple idea that transforms our collective power as shoppers into a financial force that helps those affected by AIDS in Africa. AIDS is treatable and preventable. It costs around $0.40 cents a day to purchase the two pills an individual with HIV needs to stay alive. To date, over 5 million people have been helped through Global Fund programs that (RED) supports.

Though people aren’t buying this application. Thanks to Saurik for the jailbreak. It can be downloaded for free from installous.

You can also:
Save & listen again (up to 90 sec preview)
Buy tracks easily on iTunes
Watch music videos & concerts on YouTube
Share music with friends on Facebook & Twitter
Learn the lyrics you thought you knew!
Discover new music from your Shazam Friends and Shazam Charts
Find out when an artist is on tour or has a new album available
Use it when you don’t have a signal

I would recommend that you buy the application from the app store but if youre really not interested in helping the ones in misery then you may use Installous.


I did one positive deed and bought this application though the others i downloaded from installous.

It definitely is a jaw dropping awesome music identifier. It has the ability to recognize the track and tell you everything about it. This application is available for multiple mobile platfomrs like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone 7 and others.

Check out Shazam.

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