Sheepish for Chrome Tracks and Blocks Tracking Websites

Sheepish is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that monitors your activities and the websites you visit on the internet and blocks websites that are tracking you. When I installed this extension onto my browser, I was shocked to see the number of websites that were listed as tracking my activities. There were more than 600 trackers that this extension was able to locate. Sheepish also helps block these websites from tracking you.


Sheepish is easy to use. Simply go to the link below on your Chrome browser and install the extension. Once installed, Sheepish automatically starts the process of detecting the invisible trackers that are monitoring your activities on the internet. All these trackers are displayed in a list for your convenience. To start blocking these trackers, select the “ Enable tracker blocking” option on top of the options window of Sheepish and click Save. This should be enough to protect you from any trackers attaching themselves to your browser.

Initially, Sheepish doesn’t seem like it is of much use. But once you start snooping around the internet, you will be surprised to see what kind of websites place trackers on to your browser. Sheepish notifies you each time you log on to a website and the website is trying to place trackers onto your browser. So this extension can come in handy for users who enjoy their privacy.

Download Sheepish.

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