Shoot Burst Images Like HTC One X On Any Android Phone

HTC One X is probably our favorite phone on boards. Apart from its amazing construction and feel, we are totally in love with the smart phones ability to take terrific pictures. The camera on board is a real delight for the user. Samsung has also with SIII shown off the phones ability to take quick snapshots and then select the one you feel is the best. However, if you own an Android Smartphone and you would like to take a quick burst of pictures then we have the perfect solution for you.

Fast Burst is an amazing camera application that can turn your camera on an Android device to take images like the two of the best smart phones on the planet. The application enables your phone to shoot about 30 images per second which is exceptionally good. The developers says that the lower end devices can also take about 10 pictures per second which is really good. This application is good to go with any phone running an OS above the version 2.2 so just about every android smart phone should well be supported.

I personally found the application to be relatively lag free and there was just one force close in about 10 times of using it. The UI is relatively simple and you have the ability to change it to the default camera app in few phones too. However, not many customizations are possible in the application but you can change the exposure value in the fullversion that is the paid one. For those who are using a low end Android device the application can be moved to the SD card so you save some Internal memory on this one. The application is available for about $ 3.99 in the play store, however if you do not like paying for the app you can also download a free lite version which is ad-supported.

You can download the application directly from the play store on your device or here

Via: Phonearena

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