Shopping Assistant- Shop the Smarter Way

Online shopping is probably one of the best part of internet. With the increase in the number of online retailers you have to do a bit of a research work before buying a product like checking prices at different retailers. To help you with this task a chrome extension steps in. Shopping assistant is an extension that helps you compare products on Amazon, eBay and other online retailers. It also has a price history feature exclusively for Amazon.

Shopping assistant is also compatible with firefox and opera. When you search for a product on an online retailer website, shopping assistant automatically show you similar products on eBay and Amazon. In this way shopping assistant saves you the labor of searching every retailer before you buy a product.

Currently Shopping assistant is available for merchant websites of countries likeUnited States,Canada,United Kingdom,China,France,GermanyandItaly.

To install this extension visit this link

Google chrome users can click on Add to Chrome button on the top right corner. You can select your country from the options menu, United State is selected as default. Shopping assistant comes as a small dock toolbar at the bottom of your page with a search button where you can search for the product and 3 default buttons for Amazon, Walmart and eBay.

Shopping assistant is an amazing extension for people who do a lot of online purchasing and want to save their time by checking out various webpage and retailers.

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