SidePlayer Adds Music Controls to the Side of the Screen that Can Be Accessed from Anywhere

Smartphones today are not just devices that help us communicate or stay in touch with our near and dear ones but bring so much more to the table. The Entertainment value of Smartphones is one of the biggest shinning attractions. However, if you are playing a song on your Android device, and working on the phone at the same time, you need to do various steps to be able to control the music player. Some of the devices have music controls in the Notification bar while for the others, you need to go back to the Music Player App and regulate.


However, with SlidePlayer app you can manage the music playback on your device from a sidebar on your device and hides it away when you are done regulating the music. The app ties with several of the most popular music apps such as Google Music, PowerAmp, n7 and your default OEM app.  When you have the app installed, you simply need to drag from the right edge of the screen of your Android phone and then slide back in after you done changing the track or regulating the music.

The free version of the app gives you very basic features but for just $1.75 you can get a pro version that also allows you to change the positioning of the controls or add more themes to make the experience a bit more personal.

Download SidePlayer for free from Android Play Store here

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