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One of the noticeable interesting features of iOS 8 was that Apple finally opened the door for third party keyboards. While the keyboard on all the previous generations on iOS have been really good, you always felt that those on iOS missed out on some really good features that those on Android enjoyed. APple has brought predictive texting to iOS 8 but that is surely not enough.


Add in features like option to change the keyboard layout, learning from your social media networks as well as swipe feature that allows for typing without pressing a key, Android so far has had features galore when it comes to keyboard. With Apple finally opening its door to third party keyboards, most of these keyboard apps are going to be making way to Apple’s devices. One such developer is Flesky. It is one of our most favorite keyboards on Android mainly for its clean and simple interface.

Flesky with its big keys and interesting gesture based typing including easy deleting of words and predictive writing is one of the easiest keyboards to operate. It has a strong AI built in too. It is not clear how many of the features from Android will come to iOS on Flesky, but you could be one of the very first to know that by signing up for beta developer programme. You can register for the beta programme right away here.

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