Sinuous Is a Fun Game To Pass Time Online

We not only use the internet to derive information from it or do serious work. Often we use it to just kill time or waste the precious hours of the day cause we have nothing better to do really. However, you must be wondering, if you have nothing better to do you probably could FB or just Tweet like most people do, that is always an option but after a certain stage you get bored of social networking sites as there is not much interesting happening. So, the best thing to do really is to sit on your beloved PC is to sit and play games. Yes, even bloggers like us sit and love to play games just as we did when we got our hands on a PC for the very first time. Sinuous is another such game that eats away plenty of our time.


On first viewing Sinuous is a very simple game with a straight forward thing to do. All you have to do is avoid the red dots coming by and navigate your dot with the help of your track pad or the mouse pointer. However, this is not all that easy achievement. In fact sinuous is a highly addictive game that once you get playing you just can not have enough.

As the levels go rising, the density of the red dots go on increasing. Also, the game speed goes up dramatically and it becomes a real challenge to navigate yourself without crashing in to the red dots. To help you through the dots you get a few boosts too. Keep an eye for those green and blue dots that give you an extra life as well as provide a shield that helps you protect against the enemy red dots. The further you go, the higher is your score and more levels you go up. You can log in with your Google account too to post your high score.


The game has a nice soothing background music that plays as you play along, so if you are playing it all alone late at night, you will really feel the sense of calm about the experience yet every time you crash away you feel that you can do better and eventually play the game again. One advice we would give to obtain a better score is to try and keep your mouse pointer in the center of the screen to navigate instead of one of the sides, this would give you more area to navigate the mouse pointer.

The game can be downloaded as a Chrome application for free from here. You can also download the application for iPhone for a cool $1 from the iTunes App Store here.

Do let us know if you enjoyed the game or not, also if you could beat our high score, which should not be the most challenging thing. Write in the section below or tweet in to us at @Techaholika or @Techverarp.

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