Siri Functionality Described Clearly in a Picture from the Patent

Let’s be honest, we all have a very love and hate relationship with Siri. On one hand, it is a wonderful companion when you are alone, in a dark room, hogging on your burgers and maybe playing a video game with nobody around and need someone to talk. Yes, people in the world of tech do that. On the other hand, Siri reminds me a lot of Rohit Sharma of Indian Cricket Team, plenty of potential but not enough delivery.


Yes, I just said that. But what remains the truth is that, for all its goodness, Siri could do so much more. It is kind of an enigma on how it works too. And that is true for so many of Apple products, they like to keep things secret and build that wall of curiosity around their products. However, a patent listed as, “Voice based Image Tagging and Searching ” has given out some clues on how things work when it comes to Siri. Not just that, but the title of the patent kind of gives out that Apple is working on Voice tagging and next thing you know is that you would have Siri in your Gallery too.

So, all you need to do is specify an event and the magnificent Siri will bring out every image that you want.

Via: Technobuffalo || Apple Insider

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